About musikipedia

Musikipedia is a music service that allows you to browse and discover music using information extracted from Knowledge Bases.

More specifically, it uses Wikidata, DBPedia, Wikipedia and MusicBrainz as its backbone. Currently, it extracts information for 4 types of entities: songs, works, albums and artists; this will be extended in the near future to include other music-related entities (such as instruments, genres, moods, etc.). Moreover, songs (and works) are matched with a youtube video, so that the user can listen/watch the song while reading/browsing content.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of musikipedia (when compared to other music services such as Last.fm) is that it relies on the categories and attributes defined in the aforementioned Knowledge Bases to create a list of related entities. For example, songs The Streets by WC and Clap Back by Ja Rule are related (according to musikipedia) because they share producer and writer (Scott Storch), music genre (Hip Hop music) and record label (Def Jam Recordings).

As for the search, it is still not in its full capabilities, but for example one can query "produced by Scott Storch" and get an attribute page with song recordings produced by Scott Storch. Obviously, searching for a specific artist or song works as well.

Musikipedia is still in its beta release, so any feedback is more than welcome! Please feel free to contact @mus2pedia or @neomoha.

Texts and datasets were gathered from Wikidata, Wikipedia (part of the Wikimedia foundation [1]), DBpedia [2] and MusicBrainz [3], so licensing of this content is defined by their sources. The software built on top of these datasets is licensed under an Apache 2.0 license. Musikipedia © 2015