Rhythm and Stealth by Leftfield


Rhythm and Stealth is the second album by Leftfield released on 20 September 1999. It was the follow-up to 1995's Leftism. The album reached No. 1 in the UK album chart. It was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in 2000 but lost out to Badly Drawn Boy's The Hour of Bewilderbeast.

Rhythm and Stealth had a notably harsher underlying beat than its predecessor with songs such as "Phat Planet" and "Afrika Shox" being much darker than those on the previous album. The album is best known amongst the public for the song "Phat Planet", which was featured in Guinness' 1999 advert Surfer and the animated series Beast Machines, although the song was never released as a single. The best selling single from the album was "Afrika Shox" featuring Afrika Bambaataa which peaked at No. 7 in the UK Singles Chart.

The album was released on CD, cassette, double-LP, quintuple 10" box set and MiniDisc (COLUMBIA 488527 8). "Double Flash" was one of the songs that was remixed into the European release of MTV Music Generator, known as Music 2000. The album was re-released on 29 May 2000 with a bonus disk of remixed versions which was also released as an album on its own, Stealth Remixes. The song "Swords" was featured in the 1999 film Go.