Colección Definitiva by Alejandro Sanz


Colección Definitiva is a collection from 20 years of singing from Spanish singer-songwriter Alejandro Sanz with WEA Latina. Alejandro's greatest works from Viviendo deprisa (1991) to Paraíso Express (2009) are in this album. Sanz released this album because after 20 years working with WEA Latina, He signed a contract with Universal Music Group.

"Colección Definitiva" included 4 CD and 1 DVD. On 2 CDs, There are all duets and collaborations sanz made with other artist like Shakira, El Canto Del Loco, Joaquín Sabina, Miguel Bosé and The Corrs. and there is DVD, which includes all Alejandro Sanz's music videos up-to-date with additional content.