The Power to Believe by King Crimson


The Power to Believe is the thirteenth studio album by the band King Crimson released in 2003, a companion to the preceding mini-album Happy With What You Have to Be Happy With (2002). It confirms the band's return to more diverse songwriting and instrumentation, with a greater reliance on space and Soundscapes and with Mastelotto using more ProjeKCt-style percussion textures fused with natural rock drum kits. Songs such as "EleKtrik" and "Dangerous Curves" fuse 1970s, 1980s and 21st century Crimson styles with ProjeKct experimentation and influences from contemporary alternative and progressive music such as Nine Inch Nails, Porcupine Tree and Tool (with whom the band toured in 2001), the album running the gamut from metal to ambient.

Alternative versions of "Eyes Wide Open" and "Happy With What You Have to Be Happy With" can be found on the Happy With What You Have to Be Happy With EP.

The album reached number one hundred and fifty in the Billboard 200 and Top Internet Albums charts.