Mercedes 5 and Dime by Moist


Mercedes 5 and Dime is the third studio album released by the Canadian alternative rock band Moist. Released in Canada in 1999 and in the United States a year later, it includes the hits "Breathe" and "Underground". The album was released with different album covers for the Canadian and United States releases. The United States version has a yellow album cover while the Canadian release's cover is dark blue. This was Moist's last studio album before their 12-year hiatus began in 2001.

The track listings of the two releases also differ -- the Canadian version contains the tracks "Mike Hammer" and "Liberation", while the U.S. release includes a re-recording of the band's 1994 hit "Push", as well as a new version of "Comes and Goes".

The album also contains an unlisted bonus track, entitled "Deliver Me".