Getting It in the Street by David Cassidy


'''''Gettin' It In The Street''' was the third and final release by David Cassidy on RCA Records and would also be the last album David Cassidy released in the United States until 1990 (with the release of David Cassidy). Gettin' It In The Street was released in Germany and Japan in November 1976, but did not reach the album charts. The few copies that were pressed for the U.S. were released in July 1979.

Rocker Mick Ronson played lead guitar on the title track which was released as a single. It reached number 105 in the Billboard "Bubbling Under" chart and climbed to number seven in the weekly Top 20 compiled by readers of the German teen magazine Bravo. The album was not an official release by the record company and is very hard to find. Some tracks from this album are compiled on the 1996 collection, When I'm a Rock 'n' Roll Star''.

The track "Cruise To Harlem" was co-written by former (founding) Beach Boys member, Brian Wilson, and America member, Gerry Beckley.