Group Sounds by Rocket from the Crypt


Group Sounds is an album by the San Diego, California rock band Rocket from the Crypt, released in 2001 by Vagrant Records. It was the band's first album for the label and their first with new drummer Ruby Mars.

After the end of their major-label contract with Interscope Records in 1999 and the departure of longtime drummer Atom the following year, the band spent much of 2000 in search of a new label and drummer. Singer/guitarist John Reis experimented with several other drummers, resulting in the formations of Hot Snakes and Sultans, but did not find a suitable replacement for Willard. When Rocket from the Crypt signed to Vagrant Records later that year they recruited Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster to act as their studio drummer, and he played on a majority of the album's tracks. Partway through the recording process, however, the band discovered local San Diego drummer and professional skateboarder Mario Rubalcaba, who joined as their new full-time drummer under the stage name "Ruby Mars" and played on the remainder of the album.

The addition of Rubalcaba gave the band renewed energy, and Group Sounds was released in 2001 to positive reviews. Some touring followed in support of the album, but band members were drifting into other projects (most notably Reis in Hot Snakes and Sultans) and Rocket became less the focus. Their next album, 2002's Live from Camp X-Ray, would prove to be their last.