In Moderation by 8stops7


In Moderation is the second studio album by 8stops7 and the major label debut for the band. Four songs on this album were re-released and had been included on the band's debut album, Birth of a Cynic. Their initial release on Birth of a Cynic fell below expectations with only 200 albums being produced[ Our first record '''Birth of a Cynic' Free to the first 200 pledgers!] September 27, 2011 and no songs from it being issued as a single.

The release of In Moderation spawned a redefining of the bands success entailing a national (US) tour, with several exceeding 15,000 patrons. The album sold in excess of 150,000 copies in its first year of release. It produced 2 singles which both had Top 50 rankings on as many as three different ranking genres. In Moderation'' codified 8stops7 as an international hard rock ensemble.

The band's members, Evan Sula-Goff, Seth Watson, Adam Powell, and Alex Viveros are attributed equal credit for writing the songs on In Moderation, while the four which had appeared on Birth of a Cynic were originally attributed to Evan Sula-Goff; considered, in the AMG musical review for In Moderation, to be the bands solidifying member.