RFTC by Rocket from the Crypt



RFTC is an album by the San Diego, California rock band Rocket from the Crypt, released in 1998 by Interscope Records. It was the band's second major-label release. A music video was filmed for the single "Break it Up" and the band embarked on tours in support of the album, on which they were joined by Chris Prescott from San Diego bands Tanner and No Knife who performed as touring percussionist and keyboardist.

Although overall reaction to the album was positive and singles "Break it Up" and "Lipstick" received radio airplay, RFTC failed to sell impressive numbers to the degree that Interscope had hoped. The label soon turned their attention to higher-grossing acts, leading the band to end their contract with the label the following year. Disagreements between members concerning the professional direction of the band following their departure from Interscope would lead to drummer Atom leaving the group in early 2000. Though the band would continue to record and perform with a new drummer, they would not be as prolific as in their past.