Circa: Now! by Rocket from the Crypt


Circa: Now! is the second album by the San Diego, California rock band Rocket from the Crypt, released in 1992 by Cargo Music and Headhunter Records. It was the band's first album to include drummer Atom and saxophone player Apollo 9. Intense touring following the album's release gained the band acclaim in underground music circles, scoring them the first of many "minor hits" with the song "Hippy Dippy Do." The band also filmed music videos for the songs "Ditchdigger" and "Sturdy Wrist."

The underground success of Circa: Now! brought the band to the attention of major record labels, resulting in numerous offers for recording contracts. In 1993 the band signed to Interscope Records, who bought the rights to Circa: Now! from Cargo/Headhunter and re-released it on a larger scale. Rocket from the Crypt would remain with Interscope until 1999, after which singer/guitarist John Reis started his own record label, Swami Records. Swami released a remastered version of the album in 2004 as Circa: Now! +4, including 4 additional songs recorded in 1993 which had originally been intended for inclusion on the Interscope re-release.