Gumbo Millennium by 24-7 Spyz


Gumbo Millennium is the second album from 24-7 Spyz. Like the band's previous effort Harder Than You, the album contains elements of several genres. The band tackles the Exxon Valdez scandal and environmental neglect on the soulful "Valdez 27 Million?" and explores jazz improvisation with "Dude U Knew." Jimi Hazel raps on the Anthony Johnson-penned track "Don't Push Me," one of two songs on the album about racism. The other, simply titled "Racism," is an aggressive rocker whose thought provoking lyrics are unintelligible due to the speed of the lyrics (although they are printed in full on the CD). "Don't Break My Heart!" was released as a single.

The band gained critical recognition for the album and landed a slot opening for Jane's Addiction on the "Ritual De Lo Habitual" tour. On the final night of the tour, vocalist P. Fluid announced onstage, to the surprise of his band members, that he was quitting the band. Johnson followed suit and the band regrouped with a new lineup early into the next year. P. Fluid and Johnson would reunite with 24-7 Spyz in 1994 for a new album and tour.

Like many 24-7 Spyz albums, the recording is out of print.