Clásicos de la Provincia II by Carlos Vives


Clásicos de la Provincia II is the twelfth album by Colombian singer/composer Carlos Vives. The album is a sequel to Vives' 1993 breakthrough album Clásicos de la Provincia and like its predecessor it is a collection of vallenato standards, updated by Carlos and his long-time backing band La Provincia.

Prior to the album's release Vives had signed a licencing deal with the supermarket company Grupo Éxito. Under the terms of the deal the album was released exclusively through stores belonging to the Éxito group on September 30, 2009, in exchange for being priced at COP$16,000, about half the normal retail price for an album. The album's low price contributed to record sales for an album in Colombia, with 42,500 copies sold on the first day of release.