The Stars We Are by Marc Almond


The Stars We Are is the fourth studio album by the British singer/songwriter Marc Almond. It was released in 1988 and reached number forty-one on the UK Albums Chart, one hundred and forty-four US Billboard Album Chart{{cite web|url= and was certified Silver by the BPI. The Stars We Are includes the singles "Tears Run Rings", "Bitter Sweet", "Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart" and "Only the Moment".

Almond with his assembled band La Magia made up of Willing Sinners members Annie Hogan, Billy McGee and Steve Humphreys and accompanied by studio musicians recorded the songs for album at Matrix Studios, 35 Little Russell Street, London. Receiving positive reviews the album was originally released as an LP in September 1988. The artwork was designed by Huw Feather with a cover photograph by Andy Catlin.