Beatin' the Odds by Eddie Rabbitt


'''''Beatin' the Odds''''' was the fourteenth studio album of Country music artist Eddie Rabbitt. It was released in 1997 under the Intersound Records label. The album was recorded by Rabbitt after undergoing chemotherapy and having had a part of his lung removed to combat cancer. It was released eight months before his death. It included six new songs and six re-recordings of past hits including "I Love a Rainy Night" and "Drivin' My Life Away" from Horizon, "On Second Thought" and "American Boy" from Jersey Boy, "Two Dollars in the Jukebox" from Rocky Mountain Music and "Suspicions" from Loveline.

Despite Rabbitt's condition, Allmusic gave the album four stars and commented that "his vocal talent shines as brightly in this full-length offering as in any of the many others he completed during his long career."