Heavy Metal Soul by the Pound by 24-7 Spyz


Heavy Metal Soul by the Pound is the fifth full length album from metal/funk/soul pioneers 24-7 Spyz. Released through the "What Are Records?" label, it is the first album to feature the band as a trio. Former drummer Joel Maitoza returns to replace Anthony Johnson, but the band decided not to replace departed vocalist P. Fluid. Instead, guitarist Jimi Hazel would also become the lead singer (bassist Rick Skatore would also share lead vocal duties in concert).

The album, clocking in at nearly 70 minutes, begins with five heavy metal tunes before entering a funk, soul, R&B, and pop section for over 20 minutes.

In March 1996, six months before the release of Heavy Metal Soul by the Pound, the Enemy label released an alternate European version of the album entitled 6. This version of the album does not include the songs "Earth And Sky" and "Save The World." Instead, the album contains covers of The Association's "Along Comes Mary" and Love's "7 and 7 Is." The album is titled 6 due to it being the sixth release by the band, if including the This is...24-7 Spyz! EP.

Together, both versions of the album helped reignite the band's popularity in Europe and the United States, but personal tensions and disagreements between Hazel and Skatore would lead to the official breakup of 24-7 Spyz the following year.