Future2Future by Herbie Hancock


Future 2 Future is the forty-third album by Herbie Hancock. Hancock reunited with bass player Bill Laswell (who worked on Future Shock, Sound-System and Perfect Machine) and the two of them tried to recapture the success of the three previous albums.

In yet another innovative stylistic move, Herbie reunited with Bill Laswell in the creation of a 21st Century collaboration with some of the young hip-hop and techno artists who have drawn on his massive influence to create their own music of the future. The album was released in spring, 2001, and is entitled FUTURE2FUTURE.

This group of artists (minus Tony Williams, due to his death four years prior) would go on tour, and produce a live concert that would eventually go on DVD (which features live versions of his songs "Rockit" and "Chameleon").