B'Boom: Live in Argentina by King Crimson


'''''B'Boom: Live in Argentina''''' is a live album (2-CD set) by the band King Crimson, released in 1995. All songs were recorded between 6 October - 16 October 1994 at the Broadway Theatre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, except for "Heartbeat" which was recorded in Córdoba.

King Crimson's Argentinian shows in late 1994 were the first live performances by the band in over ten years. Prior to ''B'Boom's release, a live recording from this tour was sold illegally by an Italian bootleg company. The price of the bootleg was 28 pounds United Kingdom, and the sound quality was said to be "appalling." The recordings on B'Boom are taken from soundboard mixes. However, the album was issued by DGM in something of a hurry to counter the Italian bootleg and they transplanted the line-up and instrument credits directly from the THRAK album. As a result of this, the credit of "Mellotron" by Robert Fripp is an error - although there is Mellotron on THRAK, there is none on B'Boom'', nor was one used on this Argentinian tour.