Via Paolo Fabbri 43 by Francesco Guccini


Via Paolo Fabbri 43 is an album of Italian singer-songwriter Francesco Guccini. It was released in 1978 by EMI Italiana, and was Guccini's most-selling title. The "via" of the title is the road in Bologna, giving the complete address where Guccini lived at the time.

It contains one of Guccini's most famous works, "L'avvelenata" ("The poisonous"), a long ballad criticizing some of his critics (including Riccardo Bertoncelli, with whom Guccini later made friends), as well as several aspects of the Italian cultural world of the 1970s; some of these elements are also present in the title track, but with a more ironic tone. "Piccola storia ignobile" is a song about an abortion case.