The Stripped Mixes by Michael Jackson


The Stripped Mixes (released on CD for a limited time as The Motown 50 Mixes), is a collection of American recording artist and former Jackson 5 member Michael Jackson's classic songs. The songs featured on the album are mainly from Jackson's career as a member of the Jackson 5 from the 1960s to the 1980s; songs credited to Jackson as a solo artist are from his albums during his Motown-era. Other songs included on the album are "stripped" mixes of Jackson material, meaning the songs are of a quieter tone and most of the drums have been removed.

Following a surge in Jackson's popularity after his death in June 2009, it was confirmed on July 7, that The Stripped Mixes would be released. The album was made available as a digital download on July 7, 2009, and as a CD on July 28. A remixed song, entitled "I'll Be There (Minus Mix)", was released on iTunes to promote the album on June 9, 2009, prior to Jackson's death. The Stripped Mixes was the second Jackson compilation album to be posthumously released, the first being The Collection; which was released over two weeks prior. The Stripped Mixes received mixed reviews from music critics. The album was a moderate commercial success worldwide and had a better chart performance internationally than in the United States.