Viviendo Deprisa by Alejandro Sanz


Viviendo Deprisa () is the debut album recorded by Spanish singer-songwriter Alejandro Sanz (although he previously had recorded ''Los Chulos Son Pa' Cuidarlos under the name Alejandro Magno''). With this album he was announced to national level, all the tracks were composed by Sanz but were credited to A. Medina (Algazul Medina) pseudonymous that Sanz used initially in his career. The official singles of the album were "Los Dos Cogidos de la Mano" and "Pisando Fuerte", which were a boom in the musical Spanish panorama, other songs that received radio airplay were "Se Le Apagó la Luz" and "Lo Que Fui Es lo Que Soy". He shot videos for the songs "Los Dos Cogidos de la Mano" and "Pisando Fuerte".

Due to the fact that in Mexico the verb "coger" is a vulgar term referring to sexual relations, "Los Dos Cogidos de la Mano" was not allowed be played on Mexican radio.