The Higher They Climb by David Cassidy


The Higher They Climb or The Higher They Climb the Harder They Fall is an album by David Cassidy. It was his fifth solo release and the first of three albums on RCA Records. It was released in 1975 and was produced by Cassidy and Bruce Johnston.

The title of the album alludes to David Cassidy's one-time dominance of the pop charts as a teen-idol (see The Partridge Family) and the eventual drop of his superstar status. The album only reached the charts in Great-Britain, where it peaked at number 22.

The album features the track "Darlin'", a song from Bruce Johnston's band, The Beach Boys. Johnston also recruited Beach Boys singer, Carl Wilson; however, Wilson's vocals appeared on the Johnston-penned song, "I Write the Songs". "I Write the Songs" was a #11 hit in the UK for Cassidy and was later recorded by Barry Manilow, who made it a hit in the U.S.

Some tracks from this collection are compiled onto the 1996 release ''When I'm a Rock 'n' Roll Star''.

The album also includes some of David Cassidy's own songwriting, including "When I'm a Rock 'N' Roll Star".