Proof Through the Night by T-Bone Burnett


Proof Through the Night is a 1983 album by T Bone Burnett, produced by Jeff Eyrich. Proof Through the Night was not available on CD for many years, though some tracks (most of them heavily remixed) appeared on the 20/20 career compilation in May 2006. Rhino Handmade issued a CD version of the album on March 27, 2007, which also includes the Trap Door and Beyond The Trap Door EPs. The double CD was issued in a numbered limited edition of 5,000. A cover of the Hank Williams (as Luke the Drifter) song "Be Careful of Stones That You Throw," recorded during an early session for the album, is also included on the CD.[ T Bone Burnett- Proof Through The Night & The Complete Trap Door - Press Release]