Vrooom Vrooom by King Crimson


Vrooom Vrooom is a live album (2-CD set) by the band King Crimson, released in 2001.

Although it was released during the active lifespan of the 2000-2003 King Crimson "Double Duo" lineup (and following two albums featuring this lineup, The ConstruKction of Light and the live Heavy ConstruKction), Vrooom Vrooom is compiled from recordings by the previous six-man line-up of the band (the "Double Trio" which lasted from 1994 to 1997). This is because the album was intended as a wider commercial release combining two previous releases which had been made available on more limited media in 1999.

Disc 1 of Vrooom Vrooom is taken predominantly from the same recordings as the 1999 live album Live in Mexico City (originally made available exclusively as a Windows Media Audio download). The eleventh track on the disc, "Biker Babes of the Rio Grande", is an alternative version of the track "Fearless and Highly Thrakked", featured on Thrakattak (1996) (track 2) and King Crimson on Broadway (2-CD set) (1999) (disc 2, track 12). Disc 2 of Vrooom Vrooom derives mostly from the same recordings as the 1999 live album King Crimson on Broadway (originally released as the July 1999 disc in the subscriber-only King Crimson Collectors' Club release schedule).

This album contains the most recently recorded live version of "21st Century Schizoid Man", which wasn't played live from 1996 until it returned to the setlist in 2014.