Street King Immortal by 50 Cent


Street King Immortal is the upcoming sixth studio album by American rapper 50 Cent, set to be released through G-Unit Records, Caroline Records and Capitol Records.

Initially reported to be released during the summer of 2011, the release date of Street King Immortal has since been revised on several occasions, largely due to disagreements between 50 Cent and Interscope over the release and promotion of the album, which led to the album's brief cancellation. Later, Interscope announced that the album would be in stores on November 13, 2012.[ 50 Cent Releases "New Day" Single - San Francisco Business Times] 50 Cent did an interview, while he was in France promoting his headphones of his own company SMS Audio, confirming the album was pushed back to February 26, 2013. After a year of informational silence about the album, a new release date was officially announced as September 16, 2014. However, 50 Cent later announced that the album was pushed back into 2015.