Samuele Bersani (born 1 October 1970, Rimini, Italy) is an Italian singer-songwriter. Amongst his best known songs one finds Giudizi Universali and Replay, the latter being the song that won the "Mia Martini" Critics Award at the Sanremo Music Festival.

His latest albums, released in 2003 and 2006, are entitled Caramella smog ("Smog candy"), and ''L'Aldiqua'' ("The Herebefore," a play on the Italian word for "the hereafter," which is "l'aldilĂ .") .

In 2000 songs from his album ''L'oroscopo speciale ("The special horoscope") were used for the soundtrack of the film Chiedimi se sono felice'', by Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo.

In 2007, Bersani won the Amnesty International Italy "Voci per la liberta" Award for "Occhiali Rotti", a song written in memory of journalist Enzo Baldoni.