'''Dragon Ash''' that the reason Dragon Ash started out as a pseudo-punk band was because, at the time, punk was popular in Japan, and his handlers felt that the hip hop image would not sell. He has also noted that hip hop has always been first in his book, but he did what was necessary to become successful in the industry. Dragon Ash is a member of Mob Squad, which is an affiliation with the bands Source and Endive. Dragon Ash also has the French fleur-de-lis as their band logo/symbol, and have several songs with lily imaginary. Additionally, Dragon Ash are known for their slogan 'No Music, No Life', with their creativity & dedication for the importance of music first and foremost, before the fame and money of the music industry.

Kenji Furuya (leader of Dragon Ash), has expressed his music terminology 'No Music, No Life' most effectively, with Dragon Ash producing millions of record sales from their debut, and No.1 charting singles and albums. Kenji also has displayed this creativity evolving with different music genres; first releasing raw and powerful punk rock albums during their earlier songs (between 1996-1998), gracefully progessing towards the 'hip hop/rock amalgamation' expression of sound for their 1999 album 'Viva La Revolution', selling 2 million copies; (the first half of the album with strong elements of hiphop, and the second half with powerful elements of rock music). By 2000 Dragon Ash were creating multiple chart selling hits of hiphop influenced tracks, once their 2001 album was released 'Lily of da Valley', their powerful fusion of rock & hip-hop was finally ready for Dragon Ash fans to embrace, as this album sold 1 million copies in Japan.