Deuteronomium is a Christian death metal band formed in 1993, Jyväskylä, Finland. Deuteronomium had a notable role in creating the Finnish Christian metal scene as they were one of the earliest and most influential groups pioneering in that genre.Ruisku, Riqu. "Suomi metal -spesiaali". Ristillinen No. 7. Pages 13-17. An exclusive 22 page article about the history of Finnish secular and Christian metal in the Finnish Christian metal fanzine Ristillinen. Deuteronomium is given a notable space in the article. Published April 2007.

Deuteronomium are together with Immortal Souls the only remaining bands of the first wave of Finnish Christian extreme metal that are currently active. Their first EP Tribal Eagle is, according to Ristillinen magazine, the first Finnish Christian metal CD. Tribal Eagle and debut album Street Corner Queen are also noted as pieces of Christian metal history. Bassist Manu Lehtinen and guitarist/vocalist Miika Partala - also known for the bands Stoner Kings, Icon Clan, No Man's Band and Feiled, established the record label Little Rose Productions that signed bands such as Immortal Souls. During the peak of their career before the band split up for six years in 2001, Deuteronomium became an internationally known group: at one point they headlined foreign festivals such as Seaside festival in Norway with Narnia and Newsboys as support acts. It is also notable that Deuteronomium was previously sponsored by Dr Pepper. Deuteronomium began influencing later bands such as the Ukrainian folk metallers Holy Blood. In June 2006 the band played a comeback concert as the headliner at the biggest non-alcoholic Mid Summer festival in Finland, OHM-Fest. Deuteronomium shot a DVD titled Spelled Alive of the comeback concert. In December 2006 the band officially reformed and soon headlined the biggest Christian metal festival in Finland, Immortal Metal Fest.

In August 2008, the band released its third album titled From the Midst of the Battle, which on August 20, peaked at number 11 on the Official Finnish Top 40 Album Chart.[ Deuteronomium - From the Midst of the Battle]. Suomen virallinen lista.