'''3B Lab'''|3B Lab|sur\u012b b\u012b labo}}, often stylized "3B LAB.\u2606", "3B Lab.Star", or "3B Lab.s", is a Japanese punk rock group. Its members are '''Okahira Kenji''' who previously was in 19, '''Chiba Takatoshi''' who provided musics for Kawahara Ayako, '''Tamakoshi Masahiro''', and '''Uneoki Shuji'''.

First formed in 2001, this 'punk rock' band consisted of Okahira Kenji, Chiba Takatoshi, and Tamakoshi Masahiro. They released their first album a year later under that name and their popularity increased.

Before their debut their name was only " 3B Lab\u2606 " because there were three members (Kenji/Chiba/Tamakoshi) and each member had B-type blood (the " \u2606 " represents a star which will brighten the future). Two members, Uneoki Shuji and Shoji, came later on because it was said that they needed some help playing at their lives. This, of course, wouldn't make sense if their name was still " 3B Lab\u2606" with five members, so they added the "s" at the end, and became 3b Lab\u2606s.

Current members of 3B LAB.\u2606s:

*Kenji Okahira - vocal/harmonica/guitar

*Chiba Takatoshi - leader/bass

*Tamakoshi Masahiro - drums

*Shuji Uneoki - guitar