'''Aulis Sallinen''' (born April 9, 1935) is a Finnish contemporary classical music composer. His music has been variously described as "remorselessly harsh", a "beautifully crafted amalgam of several 20th-century styles", and "neo-romantic".Donal Henahan, "Music: Finnish Opera Offers Sallinen's 'Red Line. ''The New York Times''. April 29, 1983.Jeremy Parsons, ''The Musical Times''.

Vol. 121, No. 1653 (Nov., 1980), pp. 693-695. Sallinen studied at the Sibelius Academy, where his teachers included Joonas Kokkonen. He has had works commissioned by the Kronos Quartet, and has also written 6 operas, 8 symphonies, concertos for violin, cello, flute, horn and English horn as well as several chamber works. He won the Nordic Council Music Prize in 1978 for his opera ''Ratsumies'' (''The Horseman'').