Crime Boss is an American rapper formerly signed to Suave House Records.

Crime Boss debuted on 8Ball & MJG's album On the Outside Looking In in 1994.{{Cite web |first=John |last=Bush |title=Crime Boss > Biography |url= He signed with Suave House and issued his debut the following year entitled All in the Game. The album peaked at No. 113 on the Billboard 200.{{Cite web |title=Crime Boss > Charts & Awards > Billboard Albums |url= He followed up in 1997 with his most successful album, Conflicts & Confusion, released by Relativity Records, which went to No. 25 on the Billboard 200. Despite the success of the album Crime Boss left Suave House and released his third and final album, Still at Large in 1998 for his own Crime Lab Records. After Still at Large, Crime Boss appeared on Spice 1's 2000 album, The Last Dance and Sean T's 2001 album, Can I Shine?, but he has not been heard of since.