Profane Omen is a Finnish metal band formed in 1999. They call their music as Death n' Roll. They made two demos in 2000 (Profane Omen and Bittersweet Omen). Two other demos were recorded in 2001, Fuck the Beast and Load of Lead, and later they released an EP, Label of Black, which was their first official release. In early 2004 PO recorded a single, "Adrenaline/Enemies." They also made a music video for their song "Adrenaline."

In 2006 they released their first full length, Beaten into Submission, which was generally embraced for its unique, aggressive sound and groovy riffs, combining elements of groove, alternative, thrash and melodic death metal.

In 2007 Profane Omen was voted as a "Newcomer of the year" at Finnish Metal Awards (FMA).

In 2007 they released an EP called Disconnected.

In March 2009, Profane Omen released their second studio album Inherit The Void. Inherit The Void was placed 8th of the Top 10 albums in Finland.

In November 2010 the band announced that Tomppa Saarenketo is no longer part of it. The reason for this is low motivation regarding the band. Antti Seroff replaced him in bass.