'''The Dynamic Superiors''' are a Motown group from Washington, D.C., United States.

The group formed in 1963 with members Tony Washington (lead), George Spann (1st tenor), George Peterback, Jr. (2nd tenor), Michael McCalpin (baritone), and Maurice Washington (bass). After a ten-year wait, they received their first recording contract in 1974. They recorded with moderate success throughout the 1970s. One of their best selling hits was "Shoe Shoe Shine" in 1975. They were unique in that Tony Washington was openly homosexual, and sometimes dressed in drag onstage. The group's last recording came in 1980. George Spann joined The Flamingos in 2001.

The group was reformed by George Spann in 2006, following the breakup of the Flamingos. The other members were three of the other Flamingos members: Larry Jordan, Earnest "Just Mike" Gilbert, and James Faison. Original lead singer Tony Washington has died.

In 2010, Universal Music's subsidiary,Soul Music.Com Records finally released The Dynamic Superiors' first two Motown albums, ''The Dynamic Superiors'' and ''Pure Pleasure'' on CD for the first time, in a 2-for-1 set . (SMCR2 5003) []