'''The Falcons''' were an American rhythm and blues vocal group, some of whose members went on to be influential in soul music.

The Falcons formed in 1955 in Detroit, Michigan on the Mercury Records imprint. After personnel changes in 1956, The Falcons had hits for the Lupine Records label with the million selling "You're So Fine" (1959), and "I Found A Love" (1962). The group were recording under the production wing of Robert West, who gave the group a gospel music sound and recorded the singers on his own Flick label. ("You're So Fine" was a national hit on United Artists' Unart label after it was picked up from Flick.)

Joe Stubbs was lead singer on the hits "Just For Your Love" (1959) and "The Teacher" (1960) before Wilson Pickett replaced him in 1960. After 1963, the Fabulous Playboys took over the Falcons name. The later group comprised Carlis 'Sonny' Munro, James Gibson, Johnny Alvin, and Alton Hollowell. This group made the R&B chart in 1966, with "Standing On Guard." in 2005 Munro briefly reformed the group with Frank Garcia, Calvin Stephenson and Charnissa Stephenson.

Some members were replaced over time:

*Joe Stubbs (1957-1960)

*Eddie Floyd (1957-1963)

*Wilson Pickett (1960-1963)

*Mack Rice (1957-1963)

*Lance Finnie (1957-1963)

*Robert Ward (1957-1963)

*Carlis (Sonny) Munro (1963-2008)

*Francisco (Frank) Garcia II (2005-2008)

*Calvin "Dhaak" Stephenson (2005-2008)

*Charnissa Stephenson (2006-2008)