Cedric Zellars, better known by his stage name Alfamega, is an American rap music artist from Atlanta, Georgia.

In 1995, Zellars was convicted for illegally selling firearms and was sentenced to nine years and two months in prison at United States Penitentiary, Atlanta. In 1997, Zellars' prison sentence was reduced by 18 months as a reward for cooperating with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and for providing testimony in a drug trafficking trial.

Zellars started his music career in 2002, after being released from prison. He shared 1,700 songs that he had written in prison with Beanie Sigel. Universal offered him a record deal, but it was ended in 2004 without any album releases. In 2005, Zellars joined Grand Hustle Records, a music label founded by fellow Atlantan rapper T.I.

In 2009, The Smoking Gun published court records identifying that Zellar's prison sentence had been reduced in 1997 for cooperating with the DEA. After the news broke, T.I. released Zellars from his Grand Hustle Records label and the production of Zellars' debut album I Am Alfamega was indefinitely halted.