''''Jessica's Crime''' is a sporadically active American independent rock band. Founding member and lead vocalist Aaron Bishop has cited the band's "day-jobs in professional academia" as the primary reason for their occasional, long periods of apparent quiescence.[] The band formed originally in 1989 as Mistress Christia, morphing into the SpeedKings by the early 90's, before establishing themselves as Jessica's Crime in 1995, following a number of changes in personnel.''Legends Magazine'', no. 88 (July, 1999), also available online: []; ibid., no. 108 (March, 2001), also available online: []; see also ''A Brief History Lesson'', an official biography of the early years by Joshua Roberson, now available from the band's official website: [] Originally from Dallas, Texas, the band moved to Philadelphia, PA in 1999. As of the release of their 2006 record ''Gone to Texas'', Jessica's Crime comprises two members: founder J. Aaron Bishop (guitars, vocals, bass, programming, etc.) and Michael P (guitars, vocals, bass, banjo, programming). Their musical style contains elements of punk rock, post-punk industrial music, dance, and older country music, à la Hank Williams and Lefty Frizzell. According to their website, they had not performed live since late 1999, though in the spring of 2010 they began to play the occasional show in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.