'''Sinéad Lohan''' is an Irish singer and songwriter. Her music has been described as having a "folky feel" and her persona "by turns reflective, poetic and whistful." She was one of the "most commercially successful artists" in Ireland in the 1990s. Her lyrics have been inspired by Shakespeare and Lewis Carroll and have "intense, colorful imagery" while her stage performance at a concert in Los Angeles was described as " confident and luminous on stage, but not quite commanding."

A native of Cork, her song "Sailing By" appeared on the compilation ''A Woman's Heart 2''.

She has released two albums, ''Who Do You Think I Am'' in 1995, which scored several radio hits in Ireland, and ''No Mermaid'' in 1998, which has been rated 4/5 stars at Allmusic. ''No Mermaid'' was released by Interscope Records after a bidding war between several major labels.[ Biography,] In 1998, she performed with Lilith Fair for 3 dates.

The song "No Mermaid" was used in the movie ''Message in a Bottle''. Lohan did a tour of Ireland with Joan Baez who later recorded Lohan's songs "No Mermaid" and "Who Do You Think I Am". The Canadian female vocal group Shaye recorded "No Mermaid" on their album ''The Bridge''. The progressive bluegrass band Nickel Creek covered her song "Out Of The Woods" (also from the album ''No Mermaid'') on their ''Nickel Creek'' album (2000). The song "What Can Never Be" was used in an episode of ''Dawson's Creek'' called "Northern Lights".

She gave birth to her second child in 2001.[ Sinead Lohan Web Pages]