2moro is a Taiwanese boyband, whose members are twins Anthony Guo (\u90ed\u5f65\u5747) and Angus Guo (\u90ed\u5f65\u752b). The twins are graduates from Taipei Physical Education College.

The twins got their first taste of stardom in their third year of school, when an advertising company was seeking two similar-looking persons for the filming of a sportswear commercial, and found them a good choice. Before recording their first album, they had worked with female group S.H.E in the film Reaching For The Stars (\u771f\u547d\u5929\u5973) and with Singaporean actors in the Mediacorp drama production Rainbow Connections (\u821e\u51fa\u5f69\u8679).

They released their first album, ''Twins' First Disc (\u96d9\u80de\u80ce\u7684\u521d\u56de\u76e4), on 6 January 2006. The album features 11 songs, and the hit song Exciting 2006 (\u523a\u6fc02006) is composed from excerpts of 23 songs by other singers such as Stefanie Sun, Leehom Wang and F4, with each line an excerpt from a different song. A second song from their album, Holding Your Hand'' (\u7275\u7740\u4f60) enjoyed a stay of two weeks on Singapore's Y.E.S. 93.3 FM music charts, reaching the 19th spot for the week of 26 February 2006. A third song, Shabu Shabu, is a Chinese cover of Dragostea din Tei by O-Zone.

Both brothers currently co-host a variety show \u98df\u5c1a\u73a9\u5bb6(Super Taste) on TVBS Entertainment Channel and TVBS-Asia