Fallen To were a metal band in Cornwall, UK; formed in 2001 by James Norris who originally played drums for the band

Most known for the singles 'No Allies' and 'Bovine 'Calm' which were released in 2002. Fallen To's debut single "No Allies" was incredibly popular upon release, gaining the number one spot of MTV2 UK's Top 15 daily chart for over a week. These singles were followed by the album, The Mark,.

In 2003, Fallen To followed their debut album with a two-disc EP called Which Side of the Line?, which contained new material, remixes and acoustic versions of tracks from their debut album. The first disc, showcased Fallen To's heavier side, and the second disc exhibited Fallen To's more atmospheric and ambient sound. The EP was a successful follow up to The Mark, garnering good reviews from most reviewers. Videos for "Smoke & Mirrors" and "Lost No. 7" were released and were both available as extras on each disc.

The group split sometime around January 2004.

In 2005, James Norris and Drew Hallam formed Seven Days Awake which split up in 2006. Since this point Christian Norris and James Norris formed The Sonic Art, whilst Jez Marshall joined Chinn Lawlor in Everything Burns. The former project has recorded with Grammy Award winning producer David Bottrill, whilst the latter is currently touring the UK.

After several appeals on social media Fallen To redistributed their previous recordings digitally in 2011.

In 2014 Fallen To began rehearsing with a view to play some shows in late 2014 or early 2015. The line up includes James Norris and original guitarist Christian Norris.