'''Jean-Benjamin de La Borde''' (5 September 1734 - 22 July 1794) was a French composer, writer on music and ''fermier générale'' (farm tax collector). Born into an aristocratic family, he studied violin under Antoine Dauvergne and composition under Jean-Philippe Rameau. From 1762 to 1774, he served at the court of Louis XV as ''premier valet de la chambre'', losing his post on the death of the king. He wrote many operas, mostly comic, and a four-volume collection of songs for solo voice, ''Choix de chansons mises en musique'' illustrated by Jean-Michel Moreau. Many of the songs from the collection were later published individually through the efforts of the English folksong collector Lucy Etheldred Broadwood. His ''Essai sur la musique ancienne et moderne'' was published in 1780. La Borde was guillotined during the French Revolution in 1794.CESAR (Calendrier électronique des spectacles sous l'ancien régime et sous la révolution). [ Jean-Benjamin de La Borde]. Retrieved 2 November 2013 .Rogal, Samuel J. (ed.) (2002). [ ''The Rushton M. Dorman, Esq. Library Sale Catalogue (1886): The Study of the Dispersal of a Nineteenth-century American Private Library''], Volume 1, p. 456. Edwin Mellen Press