'''Joe Inoue'''|\u4e95\u4e0a\u30b8\u30e7\u30fc|Inoue J\u014d|born August 30, 1985}} is an American rock musician signed to Sony Music Entertainment Japan's Ki/oon Records label. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, to two Japanese immigrants. It was not until middle school that he became interested in music and that eventually led him to start his musical career in 2007. He was accepted to UCLA and UC Berkeley but had chosen music. Inoue performs every instrument on his recordings in addition to writing and composing the pieces on his own. Although he was born and raised in the United States, his first language is Japanese. He spoke Japanese at home and later learned English when he entered public school. He claims to have learned Japanese by reading manga and watching anime.

He gained prominence when his song "Closer" was used as the fourth opening theme for ''Naruto: Shippuden''. His fifth single "Kaze no Gotoku" was used as the second theme song for the ''Yorinuki Gin Tama-san'' anime.

Inoue contributed to tetsuya's 2011 solo album ''Come On!'' later included on the album ''Damn Hero''. He also wrote the track "Adrenaline" on high school friend and fellow musician Yoko Yazawa's second album ''Give Me!!!''.