Chasing Victory was a post-hardcore/Christian rock group

from Camilla, Georgia. The band was formed in 2001 by Adam Harrell,

Jeremy Lowery, Jason Lowery, Taylor Sullivan and Michael Lamb while they were still in

high school. They started as a cover band called Bailey Drive where they

started writing songs for A Not So Tragic Cover Up. After the

release of this EP they signed with Mono Vs. Stereo Records and

then released their first full-length album titled I Call This Abandonment in 2005 and their second album Fiends in 2007.[ Chasing Victory Biography] On

September 24, 2007 the band announced they had broken up through their

Myspace blog. In 2008 the band played a few shows during the

summer, but never fully reunited. In 2010, Jason, Adam, and Jeremy

announced the formation of a new band called [ Astoria] and have a new EP called [E.P.(ic) - EP].

In January 2014, vocalist Adam Harrell announced that he and his wife were planning on adopting a child and that Chasing Victory would be reuniting for one show in the near future to help raise money for the cause. The show was a success and the Harrells are now proud parents.