The Eyeliners are an American pop punk band from Albuquerque, New Mexico formed in 1995 under the name Psychodrama. In 1996 their name was changed their name to The Eyeliners after having released one single ("Vivid") under the Psychodrama name. The group has released EPs on Sympathy for the Record Industry followed by albums on Lookout Records in 2000 and 2001. The 2005 album No Apologies (Blackheart Records) includes a cover of When in Rome's 1988 song "The Promise."{{Citation

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Sisters, Gel and Lisa, took on the responsibilities of guitar and bass respectively and Laura was going to be the singer. Since they never set out to form an all-girl band, The Eyeliners auditioned both male and female drummers, but couldn't find anyone who understood the direction they wanted to go in. One day, Gel and Lisa were playing \u201cI Love Rock N Roll\u201d when Laura walked in. They persuaded Laura to try the song on the borrowed drum set they had been using for auditions. She picked up the drumbeat remarkably fast despite having never played the instrument. About halfway through the rendition of the song, she started to sing along. It was then that Laura took on the task of lead vocalist and drummer.

The band played their first show under the name Psychodrama but upon touring the west coast, they decided to change their name to the Eyeliners, citing that it was more appropriate for their musical style.

A few months later, The Eyeliners played a show with the Red Aunts. Red Aunts frontwoman, Terri Wahl, was so impressed with the band that she introduced them to owner of Sympathy For the Record Industry, Long Gone John. Soon, the Eyeliners debut CD and 7\u201d were released. Two more seven inches (\u201cDo The Zombie\u201d and \u201cRock N Roll, Baby\u201d) followed on Sympathy for the Record Industry over the next couple of years.