'''Ils''' (real name '''Illian Walker''') (stylised as '''ils''') is an English musician and producer, who has released records on labels including Marine Parade and Distinct'ive Records. Ils started his production career on LTJ Bukem's drum and bass label, Good Looking Records. He was signed to Marine Parade by owner Adam Freeland, who cited Ils' unique breaks production. Ils is influenced by electro, funk, and techno artists in his ''Idiots Behind the Wheel'' album.{{cite web|accessdate=2007-04-22 |work=Allmusic |url = Ils album ''Soul Trader'' represented a more even sound, with few particularly energetic or downbeat tracks.{{cite web|work=Allmusic |accessdate=2007-04-22 |first = John |last=Bush |title = Soul Trader Review |url= He also mixed an album for Distinct'ive Records' ''Y4k'' series.

His single, "Next Level", on Marine Parade spent one week at #75 in the UK Singles Chart, in February 2002.