'''Marc Dorsey''' is an American R&B singer who release his first single, "People Make the World Go Round", in 1994. The track is the opening song to the film ''Crooklyn'' by Spike Lee,{{cite web|url= and is a remake of the track by The Stylistics. The song reached #65 on the U.S. ''Billboard'' R&B chart. Later, Dorsey appeared on the ''Clockers'' soundtrack with two songs: "People in Search of a Life" and "Changes".

Before releasing his first album, Dorsey wrote several jingles for commercials. His work included spots for Coca-Cola, Oreos and The Army.

In 1999, Dorsey released a full-length album titled ''Crave''. The album, released on the Jive record label, featured the single "If You Really Want to Know", which reached #56 on the U.S. R&B chart and #58 on the UK Singles Chart.

In 2002, he was featured with the LL Cool J on the single "Luv U Better", which reached #4 on the ''Billboard'' Hot 100 chart.