Vivid: Kissing You, Sparkling, Joyful Smile by BoA


"Vivid" is BoA's 26th Japanese single which is BoA's first double A-side single to include two PVs for the A-sides. In addition to the track "Kissing You", the single also includes the songs "Sparkling" and "Joyful Smile". The single was released on June 4, 2008.[ Discography\u2502BoA Official Website] "Kissing You" and "Joyful Smile" are R&B songs while "Sparkling" is consumed as a breakbeat song. The single debuted at #3 with first-day sales of 7,936 copies, according to the Oricon.

"Kissing You" was used as the drama Shichinin no Onna Bengoshi's theme song.