Look Through Any Window by The Hollies


"Look Through Any Window" is a song by the British beat group The Hollies. It was the first American top 40 hit for them, peaking at No. 32 in January 1966. It reached No. 4 in their native country and in Canada it made #3 in the RPM Magazine charts. Written by the professional songwriter Graham Gouldman and Charles Silverman, it features a distinctive 12-string guitar riff, vocal harmonies and Bobby Elliott's drumming. They also recorded a version in French (titled "Regardez par des fenĂȘtres") that was not officially released at the time and was included on the 1988 compilation Rarities.

First released as a single in the UK, it was included in the US version of their 1965 album Hollies titled Hear! Here! by their US label, Imperial Records.

The B-side, "So Lonely", later included on Hollies and Hear! Here!, was recorded by the Everly Brothers and released in July 1966 on their Two Yanks in England album.