My Everything by The Grace


"My Everything" was Grace's 3rd single under the SM Entertainment, released on November 6, 2006. Unlike previous singles, which consisted of R&B/dance tracks, the lead song from the single was a ballad and accompanied by a softer image. To signal the change, the group's name was changed to "TSZX the Grace", which each member adding the suffix to their own stage names as well. The music video for "My Everything" featured Kim Kibum of Super Junior as the male lead and YoonA of Girls' Generation as the female lead.

In addition to the lead ballad "\uc5f4\uc815 (My Everything)", the single included a cover of George Michael's single "Faith".

Although promoted, the single debuted at #30 on the Music Industry Association of Korea's November 2006 charts, with 2,447 copies sold.[ 11\uc6d4 \uac00\uc694\uc74c\ubc18 \ud310\ub9e4\ub7c9\uc9d1\uacc4]