Dogs by The Who


"Dogs" is a UK single released by The Who in June 1968. It reached number 25 on the UK singles chart. The B-side of the UK single was "Call Me Lightning". Both songs were originally released mixed in mono only, as they were not originally intended for album release.

The lyrics of "Dogs" were inspired by Townshend's friend Chris Morphet who had a fascination with greyhound racing. Morphet contributes harmonica and backing vocals. It was recorded at London's Advision Studios in May 1968. Townshend booked this studio as it was the first in the UK to install professional reel-to-reel eight-track equipment. Prior to this The Who had only used recorders with a maximum of four tracks.

The song was not a major commercial success at the time of its release, perhaps because of its rather bizarre and campy style. Entwistle later said that it sounded much more like the Small Faces and suggested that it would have perhaps been better for both groups if they had recorded it instead. Pete said in the notes to the 1974 LP Odds & Sods that this was one of the songs recorded during a period when the group went "slightly mad." The song contains both singing and spoken sections and has vocal contributions from three members of the group, Roger, Pete and John. It includes the memorable closing phrase, "Nice dog, yes, lovely form, lovely buttocks", spoken by Pete.

A subsequent song "Dogs (Part Two)" was later released as the B-side of "Pinball Wizard" in 1969. Despite the similar titles the two songs are musically unrelated. "Dogs (Part Two)" is an instrumental credited to Keith Moon. Both "Dogs" songs were included on the 1987 U.S. collection ''Two's Missing. That album is out of print, but "Dogs" is still available in a 1990s era stereo remix on the box set 30 Years of Maximum R&B; a stereo mix of "Dogs (Part Two)" was included on the bonus disc of the Tommy'' deluxe edition in 2003.