Blue Room by The Orb


"Blue Room" is a single by The Orb. It was released on 8 June 1992 on Big Life Records. Gallup, who compiled the UK singles chart, had recently decided that any release with more than 40 minutes of play would be classified as an album rather than single. The Orb thus decided to record a 39:57 version of "Blue Room" for a special release. "Blue Room" is the longest single to ever reach the UK charts, peaking at number eight. An edited version appears on the album U.F.Orb. The full version features a number of samples, including a small bit of the beginning of the "Mysterious Traveller" by Weather Report and a damaged portion of "Happy Birthday To You" by Marilyn Monroe at the end. The Orb caused controversy by appearing on Top of the Pops to promote the single. Instead of performing, Alex Paterson and Kris Weston played chess. The performance had a profound impact on Robbie Williams who later declared "that Top of the Pops changed my life".