Avenue by Saint Etienne


"Avenue" is a song by British pop group Saint Etienne, from the album So Tough (1992). The song was originally titled Lovely Heart or Young Heart. The album version is a 7-minute version with lengthy instrumental sequences; it was edited down to around 4 minutes for radio play, though the commercial single contained the full-length version, with the radio edit only released on promotional material. The edit wasn't released commercially until 2005's Travel Edition 1990-2005.

The song describes a woman nostalgically remembering a love affair from her youth, mostly through impressionistic and surreal imagery, with the refrain: "oh, how many years / is it now Maurice?". The chorus repeats the words "Young heart". The song is recorded with echo effects that make it sound as though it is being performed in a large hall.

The video for the single release depicts the band driving to Brighton.

A remix single was also released, with two remixes each by Gordon King (from World of Twist) and Rudy Tambala of A.R. Kane. King's "Variety Club Mix" was later included on the remix collection Casino Classics.